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San Diego Chargers… But Zero Points Though?


Seriously… the San Diego Chargers scored zero points on Sunday? I still can’t understand how that happened. With Philip Rivers playing like a man possessed earlier in the year, we go to the complete opposite end of the spectrum and hit rock bottom by scoring  ZERO POINTS! How in the world does this happen?

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Have the other teams around the league figured us out and we still have not made the adjustment to the way they are playing defense?

Our offensive line is a joke. It seriously needs to be at the top of the priority list in the offseason. They need to look at the draft and look at free agency to build up the group there. Losing Nick Hardwick at the beginning of the year has to be the biggest blow to our team. We didn’t have an adequate replacement for him on the roster and everyone around him is struggling without his presence up front.

What are the Chargers going to do now? There is nobody new to rely on the offensive line to help protect Philip Rivers.

With the offensive line playing like crap, Philip Rivers is forcing the ball out to receivers again. He doesn’t have that safety blanket of Danny Woodhead on the roster any longer either. As good as Branden Oliver has been for the running game, he doesn’t have the ability to open things up in the pass game like Woodhead brought.

Still, minus Hardwick and Woodhead on the roster, this team still should put up points. This still should be able to light up the scoreboard. Instead, there is a big question mark on that part of the game now.

The team has hit rock bottom. How will they respond.