San Diego Chargers Make or Break… Looks like Break

By Ernie Padaon

That devastating beating that the San Diego Chargers took against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday will either make or break this team. I have a feeling that it is going to break us.

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Just looking at the players talk after the game, especially Philip Rivers, you could see that the confidence is shook. I don’t think I have ever seen El Capitan with that much sadness after a game.

The Chargers had 10 days to prep for that game and came out with that type of game. It is like they believed that they were in their BYE week already. They came off of all the emotions that were in the Thursday Night loss to the Denver Broncos and came out with a ridiculous performance.

How in the world are they supposed to fix this? The offensive line is a joke. The defense wouldn’t even be able to stop Jamarcus Russell if they tried. With all the hype and hope that we had to start out the season, it has all faded away with the last 3 games that we have played. We played against some solid squads and have not been able to walk away with a win.

There are 7 games left on the schedule. What record will this team end up with? We will look at the schedule again this week to put out our predictions, but at this time on the day after are crash and burn, nothing looks promising.

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