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Ryan Mathews not expected back till after BYE week


The San Diego Chargers will play Sunday’s game against the Miami Dolphins without RB Ryan Mathews. Mathews is still recovering from his knee injury and will not return this weekend. 

Ryan Mathews has been seen doing some light work with the team. He has been running a little, but has not joined the team for practice at this point. His return will not be expected until after the BYE week. I would expect him to return for the game against the Oakland Raiders right after the BYE.

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The play of the offensive line has been discussed ad nauseam. but some added talent to the offenses and to the running game can’t hurt at all. Mathews showed that he is a solid back and he rarely loses yards when he takes the football. The addition of him back onto the roster with Branden Olvier should give the team a little boost on offense. Ryan can take some of the reps on the early downs and Branden would take the reps on 3rd down and any other down that Ryan needs a breather.

Ryan would bring some speed to the roster and could give the team a little lift in the run game. We will take all the talent that we can get on the roster. We are getting to the second half of the season and we need to prep for the big games that will be coming up. Mathews will be a big part of this push.

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