Chargers vs Dolphins: 3 Key Players on Offense

By Ernie Padaon

The San Diego Chargers will be in Miami this weekend and will be looking to break their 2 game losing streak. This will be an important game to win on the road with a tough schedule coming up.

Everyone needs to step up in order for us to break the losing streak, but here are a few player on offense that need to do well on Sunday for us to win the game.

D.J. Fluker

The offensive line has been in bad shape the last couple of games and one of the big names up front has been struggling. The defensive linemen are running right by him and he has his feet stuck in the cement. Fluker needs to play better.

He is dealing with some injuries, but if he is on the field, he needs to produce. I am tired of watching guys run by like Fluker is a turnstile. I am tired of Philip Rivers doing his best dance moves to avoid all of the pressure. Just get the guys blocked on the outside and we should be able to make something happen on offense.

Johnnie Troutman

Can we already move on with the right guard position and start the rookie Chris Watt? How much longer do we have to watch Troutman struggle? If he is in the game, we need him to produce. We need him to create some holes for the run game. We need him to protect Philip Rivers. We need him to do something other than turn around and pick up his quarterback or running back. We need production.

The interior line is struggling in a bad way right now and it needs some love.

Rich Ohrnberger

Am I just picking on the offensive line? YES! I am picking on them because they are one of the most important pieces of an offense and they have been playing the worst on the team. They have to step up like Channing Tatum (some of you might get that).

Ohrnberger is dealing with back issues and has missed practices because of the injury. Walk that crap off and produce or just sit on the bench with Ryan.

PROTECTION. PROTECTION. PROTECTION. and we need holes. So just like a condom… but not at the same time.

The o-line needs to get this thing rolling and that is why I singled out 3 of them in the 3 key players on offense this week.

Who are your key players on offense this week?