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Who Will Be The Goal Line Back?


Ryan  Mathews will be making his return to the San Diego Chargers soon and that should give the team a bit of a boost, but who will get the opportunities on the goal line when he returns? 

Ryan Mathews will be back on the field soon for the San Diego Chargers. He will be taking carries from Philip Rivers soon. He should be the starting back when he gets back on the field. Another question that needs to be answered is the goal line situation. Will he be the back trusted on the goal line?

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Mathews is a good back, but I would rather have the team trust in Branden Oliver down in that area. He doesn’t have the size or strength that Mathews has, but he has been better at securing the football than Mathews. He does have the ability to fall forward when he gets the football and that will be needed down in that area, but the biggest reason to stay with Oliver down there is ball security.

When a team gets that far down the field, we cannot afford to give up the football with a careless  fumble or interception. I like Mathews and his ability to run the football from the 20 yard line to the other 20 yard line, but when we get down deep in their territory, I lose some faith in his ability to hold onto the football. The ball should go the Branden.

Who do you think that the team should trust down deep in the red zone? I think we should trust in the rookie down that deep, but I can listen to some arguments on giving the ball to the veteran.

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