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Brandon Flowers back at practice


San Diego Chargers CB Brandon Flowers was back at practice today after missing practice yesterday. Hopefully he will be able to play on Sunday. 

Brandon Flowers is back on the field! Thank goodness for some good health news. We hear that Ryan Mathews is getting healthy and now we hear that Brandon is back on the field practicing.

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I know we are just talking about PRACTICE, but we need to get our players healthy. Especially the key players. Brandon is one of those guys that is a difference maker. When he is on the field, he makes everyone else on the field better.

We have one more week till we hit the BYE and then everyone can go into a little bubble and heal up. Just stay away from the clubs, because we don’t want to hear about any stupid arrests during the break.

When they all get back from the BYE week, I expect to see some fresh legs and some good health reports. We are all getting sick and tired of seeing these guys sitting on the sideline for practice. We can build another team with the list of players that are on our injury reports. I expect the magic powers of the BYE week to heal up everyone and we get to play with a full deck again.