Gameday Open Thread

By Peter Thompson

If you are a complete lunatic (like me), you were up at the crack of dawn brewing coffee, to see the Lions / Falcons game in England. England is my homeland, and I really love the fact that games are being brought to the British Isles. Also, I had to see if Calvin Johnson was going to play, as he is on my fantasy team… not so much, unfortunately. But, it wasn’t a total waste.

I was considering going for a jog, or just back to bed, when it was 21-0 Atlanta at the end of the first half. But, then the Falcons took a complete dive, were held scoreless in the second half, and allowed 22 unanswered points, including a dramatic walk off field goal by our favorite ex-Denver substance abuser… Matt Prater.

Don’t go patting him on the back just yet. In the most LUCKY turn of events I have seen in a while… he shanked the kick, and it appeared that the Falcons got out alive. But, the Lions got the kick off late, and were called for a delay of game just before the kick. There is no ten second run off, and the Falcons had no choice to decline the penalty. The Lions caught a huge break, and Prater made good on his second shot. I suppose it’s appropriate that the Lions won, as the Lion is a national symbol of England. The crowd was definitely given an exciting game to watch.

So there is no open thread for the Chargers today, obviously. But, I figured I would put one up, in case people want to check in and chat about the other games going on around the league , for the rest of the day. We have done threads like these before, and sometimes they end up being pretty good. If nothing else, hopefully the Chiefs and Raiders lose today, and we can come in here, and high five each other.

My wish for today is that Tom Brady & Dwayne Bowe both do well for my fantasy team, but both teams lose. Also, I am hoping that Eric Decker has a great day, and the Jets beat the Bills. I could also use a good day from Alfred Morris, and Alshon Jeffrey. Hope you guys have an awesome football Sunday, and we’ll be back to our own open thread next week, when the Chargers travel East to play a very important game against the Miami Dolphins.