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Chargers: Games to Closely Keep An Eye On


A Sunday without a San Diego Chargers game is depressing. Yet, I find excitement in some games that are very much relating to our Bolts.

I’m not going to rule ourselves out of winning the AFC West, but the Wild Card race is getting competitive and the Chargers will take any kind of break they can find.

Colts vs Steelers

We want the Colts to win here, because the Steelers are 4-3 and if they pull out a win that would put them tied with the Chargers. And we may have to deal with the fact that the Bolts are out of the playoffs “if the season ended today.”

Bills vs Jets

GO REX! GO PERCY! GO GENO! Another situation where we are hoping the Jets can beat the Bills with the newly acquired star in Percy Harvin (who by the way I wish the Chargers got). The Bills are 4-3 just like the Steelers and are in the thick of the playoff race.

Chiefs vs Rams

The Chiefs are catching up at 3-3. They defeated the Chargers, and are still very alive. Let’s hope the Rams can shut them up.

If the Chargers can have these games in their favor, they will be in the clear of the wild card spot. If the teams that are challenging them for that spot are 4-4, that would keep them a whole game ahead!