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Silver Lining in Loss to Denver Broncos


The San Diego Chargers were beat bad by the refs Denver Broncos, but were there any silver linings to take away from the game. 

I asked the fans on our Facebook page to find the silver lining in the game against the Denver Broncos and they reminded me that there was some good things that we can take away. Here are some of the comments that we got from the Facebook fam.

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  • Vinnie Lopez has not picked up a drink in 563 days…. That is impressive after watching the San Diego Chargers on Thursday. There were a number of times that I could have picked up a drink.
  • Ral Christman said that nobody caught ebola… he was talking about in the game I am sure, because I did see a random story of someone in south San Diego getting the virus. I could be wrong though.
  • Jose Paz says that Rivers was not hurt… That is huge for us. He is the only player on the roster that knows how to avoid injuries. With all the hits that he takes, we have to hope that he can stay away from that injury.
  • Billy Birdwell said that Peyton was acting like an A hole to his own team and fans…. YES! At least we have this and this was hilarious. At least we got that. You know if Philip did that, we would be hearing the word crybaby all the time. DOUBLE STANDARD.

See! There are always good things to talk about in a game even in a losing effort.

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