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Chargers Offensive Line is in Shambles


The San Diego Chargers offensive line is absolutely terrible to watch this season. The team needs to find a way to get better up front, but not sure if it is possible this season. 

It is amazing watching what Philip Rivers has been able to do this year behind his offensive line this year. The offensive line is BAD, especially in the middle of the line. Philip has been able to dodge the pressure a number of times, but the last couple of games has shown that he is not able to escape from it all and it is slowing down the passing game. Philip is getting anxious and is forcing some throws as well.

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The running game is struggling because of the poor play up front also. Oliver was doing well at breaking tackles early on, but he has had to deal with a lot more defenders aware of him and it has made it difficult for him to break loose for yards.

This offensive line is horrible. It is a joke. The loss of Nick Hardwick at the beginning of the season is really stinging right now.  When he was in there, he was able to help out the other guys around him, but  it is just a big cluster without him in the middle. The unfortunate part is that there is nothing that will really make it better for the rest of the season. They just need to step up and play better.

We are stuck with the hand that we are given and we are going to need to find a way to work with it. We have found ways to move the ball pretty well in the first half. We have to rely on the quick passing game often and ditch out on the running game more.  Next offseason we will need to get more love up front.This season, we are going to chuck it and duck.

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