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Jahleel Addae Should Have Been Taken Out After These Hits


San Diego Chargers S Jahleel Addae puts himself in danger every time he goes in to make a hit. Should he have been taken out after these hits?

Jahleel Addae plays this game with wreckless abandon. He is flying aroun all over the place and throwing himself at people in hopes of dropping them with a big time hit. He looks for that big hit all of the time and sometime he takes the brunt of the pain.

Look at a couple of plays from yesterday in which he looks like he is out:

That last video shows that he is out cold while standing. Surprising he continued to play after that play. He was checked for a concussion, but passed whatever protocol  they have. I thought player safety was a priority for teams, but Addae obviously had something going on with him after that hit. He is stumbling around like a crazy man!

You be the judge on it. Should he have been in the game after that hit? I am no doctor, but something has to be wrong after you are seen like that. Dude was barely standing up straight.

Addae has to play this game smarter. He won’t be able to make that big hit every single time that he is near the ball. We all love that he tries to do that, but at some point he has to learn. He also has to learn that sometimes these guys just bounce right off of him and he has to wrap them up so they don’t pick up more yards after the initial hit. If he wants to play in this league long, he will start making some adjustments soon.

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