ESPN Proposes Marshawn Lynch Trade to San Diego Chargers

By Ernie Padaon

ESPN is creating random trades on their page and one explores Marshawn Lynch to the San Diego Chargers.

They are making up some random trades on ESPN right now and one of them involves Marshawn Lynch in a San Diego Chargers jersey. I can get with that for a bit! BUT then they share what we would give up in order to get Lynch onto the roster. We give up Branden Oliver and a 4th round draft selection to bring over Lynch?

I like Lynch. I have always liked Lynch and think he is a monster… a beast, but he is running on his last legs in the league and we have fresh legs now that can take the rock in the future. Why would we want to get rid of that right now?

Plus, Branden Oliver is not hurting our cap at all with his undrafted free agent signing. This trade makes zero sense at the moment for the San Diego Chargers. If we brought in Lynch and found a way to keep Oliver on the roster, then I could get with that. I don’t know what you could give up in order to make that happen, but it wouldn’t be Branden Oliver.

Oliver will be the lead back on this roster with Danny Woodhead next season. They will be carrying the load in the backfield with some other back that they decide to bring in to share some duties. He has the potential to be really good in this league.

I like Lynch and everything that he does, but the only reason we would make this trade is to make an all out run for the Super Bowl without worrying about what the future brings. Is it worth it to make that move?

Would you trade Branden Oliver to bring in Marshawn Lynch?