Status on Jerry Attaochu Looks Positive

By Ernie Padaon

San Diego Chargers LB Jerry Attaochu was available to practice with the team on Tuesday and the status looks positive.

Rookie LB Jerry Attaochu was out on the field on Tuesday with the rest of his team for practice. He was out for practice all of last week with a hamstring injury and wasn’t able to join the team on the field for the game on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs. He was limited on the practice field today, but he was on the practice field. It looks like a possibility that he will be able to get on the field on Thursday in the big game against the Denver Broncos.

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Attaochu would be a huge boost for the Chargers pass rush. Dwight Freeney and Corey Liuget could use some help at putting some pressure on Peyton Manning this weekend. It will be key for the defense to get some pressure on the Hall of Fame quarterback.

Manning is not going to give a lot of opportunities for teams to get to him, but we also cannot allow him to hold onto the football all day and tear up our secondary. Attaochu is one of the players on this defense that can bring pressure and bring it quickly. He will be called upon to do so if he is healthy enough to play.

This hamstring injury has bothered him all season long. If he is able to complete this game without an injury, the team will get to rest for a bit with a short break. They won’t face the Miami Dolphins until the following Sunday. After the Dolphins game will be the much needed BYE week.  Sine tune to heal up is just around the corner. We just have to survive until then.