Health of Secondary Biggest Concern Against Denver

By Ernie Padaon

San Diego Chargers secondary has been beat up the last few games. They will be needed against that Denver offense. 

Health at corner will be a huge determining factor for the San Diego Chargers in the game against the Denver Broncos. The team has had a number of key defensive players sitting on the bench for the game against the Kansas City Chiefs and you could tell by the play on the field. The Chiefs took advantage of the Chargers health issues and were able to grind for first downs all game long.

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The health in the secondary hasn’t been good all season long, but we have been fortunate to avoid playing against strong competition. During the past 4 games, the team has faced a pair of rookie quarterbacks and a couple of quarterbacks that have been benched.

Now comes Peyton. Now comes the best quarterback in the league. We NEED all the defensive playmakers on the field as possible.

The practice reports are coming through and Brandon Flowers is sitting out the first practice of the week because of a concussion and may not be ready for the game. He has to be cleared before he can enter the game. Jason Verrett was seen working with the rest of the team on Tuesday and could be ready to go. We need them all.

We need them all on the field. The reason why the defense shined at the beginning of the year was because of the play of Shareece Wright, Brandon Flowers and Jason Verrett. If they are all able to get on the field on Thursday, then we will have a good chance of slowing down Denver.

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