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The San Diego Chargers defense is Tired


San Diego Chargers defense was exposed by the Kansas City Chiefs at home. The run defense and tackling were poor all game.

We could probably talk trash on this defense all week… especially on a short week. There were too many times that Chiefs players were making things happen in the open field. There were a number of missed tackles in the game. That is something that we were strong with at the start of the year.

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To be honest, I think the team is dealing with a little fatigue and they obviously are dealing with injuries. Without Jason Verrett and Brandon Flowers on the field, the Chiefs were able to find different receivers on the field and made big yards after the catch.

It was ugly watching this defense on the field. The team failed to execute. They had the right plays called and they would do stupid things in order to allow the Chiefs to continue on drives. They were making dumb penalties and they didn’t want to tackle.

The Chargers have a short week and will have to find some life on defense. They better wake up immediately since they will be facing off against Peyton. Peyton will tear the defense that showed up on Sunday into pieces. Philip Rivers needs to get on the field and if he has to sit for long stretches like he did, then we are going to be losing a ton of those games.

With all the mental mistakes and lack of tackling, this team looks tired. They need that BYE week to give them some legs. Unfortunately, the team has played against a team the last couple of weeks that had just got off of their BYE. You could see some of their fresh legs against us.

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