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Corey Liuget admits fundamentals have gone backward


San Diego Chargers DE Corey  Liuget admits that the team needs to get back to fundamentals. The team failed to make basic tackles. 

The San Diego Chargers whole defense failed tot make tackles. I understand when one guy is having his issues making tackles, but when the WHOLE TEAM is struggling to make plays and struggling with stupid penalties, then something has gone wrong in practice and in the video room. The fingers will be pointed at the coaching.

The team started out this season strong tackling people. They made sure to wrap up and bring down the ball carrier and a number of people were flying to the football. Instead, the team had people flying to the ball and nobody could finish the play off. It was embarrassing.

Even DE Corey Liuget admitted that the team needs to get back to basics!

Corey Liuget "We have to go back to the basic fundamentals of this game which is tackle tackle tackle…I don't know how we went backwards..

— Marty Caswell (@MartyCaswell) October 20, 2014

I wonder what this team will be focusing in on for the next few days before they face off against the Denver Broncos. They will be focusing in on tackling and focusing on playing the game smart. That has to be the number 1 thing this team practices and it is a good wake up call for everyone on the team.

We need to execute and we need to do all the little things right. The Denver Broncos just tore up the San Francisco 49ers and they are ready to take apart the Chargers defense as well. The emphasis is on TACKLING. The emphasis is on fundamentals. Not sure why it wasn’t a focus for the team all the time.

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