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Chargers Defense Looking Awful on Sunday


The San Diego Chargers defense struggled to make tackles and struggled to stop the run game. Things need to get better. 

The San Diego Chargers defense could not get Philip Rivers on the field. They would get the Chiefs in a 3rd down situation and could not get off the field. The defense kept picking up stupid penalties and allowed the Chiefs to continue drivers.

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It was another poor performance from the defense. They struggled against the Oakland Raiders and were bailed out by Philip Rivers and the offense. They struggled again in Kansas City. This time around it kept Philip off of the field and limited his opportunities. This is the type of football that we usually play and it was done right back to us.

Things need to get cleaned up. The team has to wrap up and make their tackles. The stupid penalties need to go away. The corners need to get healthy! Brandon Flowers and Jason Verrett were out of the game for most of the day.

It was frustrating watching the defense play as poorly as they did. The Chiefs are not as good as they looked on Sunday, but we let them look like that.

Now we have only a few days for the defense to bounce back and will have the ultimate test. We will be up against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos on Thursday. Not exactly an offense that teams want to see when they are struggling making tackles and making plays.

This game is still rolling as I put this post together and I feel that the offense will bail this team out again. Just sad to watch.