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What Will Donald Brown’s Role Be When He Returns For Chargers


San Diego Chargers RB Donald Brown must be suffering from a big time concussion. He has had some injury issues in his history, but this concussion has kept him sidelined for a couple of weeks now. Not everyone is able to bounce back in the next week nad play some football, but Brown has not stepped on the field for practice at all since getting hit in that Jets game.

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I hope all things are good with Brown off of the field. With Brown on the sideline though, the Chargers have been able to rely on their rookie RB Branden Oliver. They have been able to see the potential that he has with the starters and the ability that he has been able to bring to the field. It has been a breath of fresh air for the offense.

While Brown is recovering, the team has given the ball to Oliver and has also given playing time to Ronnie Brown on 3rd downs and on passing downs. What will the rotation look like when Donald gets back? I am not questioning who will be the starter. That job belongs to Branden until Ryan Mathews gets back on the field.

What role will Ronnie play when Donald gets back? Will Ronnie be the main guy on passing downs or will they let Donald play? Donald was given the dough to take that job, but is he a better option than Ronnie right now? I am not so sure about that. Not many people have confidence in what Donald can do right now.

While he is recovering from the concussion, we will just sit back and watch Branden do work while Ronnie does the dirty work.