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San Diego Chargers RB Branden Oliver wins PepsiNext Rookie of Week Again


Branden Oliver has locked in the PepsiNext Rookie of the Week award for the second week in a row. His performance against the Oakland Raiders was impressive and the final drive of the game was largely put on his shoulders. He delivered with big run after big run and capped it off with the touchdown score.

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The absence of Ryan Mathews, Donald Brown and Danny Woodhead has helped BO arrive. He has been given the opportunity to see the field a lot and he is delivering with impact plays in every game.

This weekend, he will get an opportunity to face off against another division rival and he will be looking to have another big time performance. The offense was rolling without a running game for the first few weeks of the season, but with the arrival of Oliver, the team has been able to take some of the pressure on offense off of Philip Rivers and give some of the opportunities to move the ball to Branden Oliver.

Oliver’s ability to run the ball has been impressive. His ability to receive also has been impressive. He has also done a decent job of picking up the protection for Philip Rivers.

His future on the team is bright. I can’t wait to see him take the carries against the Chiefs and will be looking forward to another impressive day.

What else can this kid do for the team? If he keeps picking up these awards we might have to start talking about another rookie of the year candidate on our offense. Keenan Allen was a candidate for the offensive rookie of the year award last season and Oliver could be in line for in this season.

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