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San Diego Chargers CB Brandon Flowers Rejoins Team in Practice on Friday


San Diego Chargers CB Brandon Flowers has joined the rest of his team today at practice. He had not practiced on Wednesday and Thursday, but is with the rest of the team on the practice field for Friday’s practice.

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Flowers is on a mission. He wants to get on the field against his former teammates. He would love nothing more than to face off against them and get that win to move the team to 6-1.

The Kansas City Chiefs released Flowers in the offseason because of cap issues and it allowed Flowers to sign on with the San Diego Chargers. In his time with the team, he has helped this defense to limit scoring and has helped force some turnovers on defense. He has been a huge addition to the roster.

He didn’t play this well for the Kansas City Chiefs in his final year with the team, but he is playing great for the Chargers. He only is signed for a one-year deal and will be looking for a big money contract at the end of the year.

With Flowers practicing today, it seems likely that he will be joining the rest of his defense on Sunday to pick off Alex Smith. This weekend should be fun. It is going to be a big game for us. We want to push our dominance over the division and need to show the Chiefs that we are a legit threat to take this division.

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