Donald Butler: “We Hate the Raiders, And the Raiders Hate Us”

By Sam Kweon

Chargers starting middle linebacker Donald Butler chatted with fans live on on Thursday, and a fan named Ray Brooks asked: “RAIDER WEEK! What does that mean to you?”

“We hate the Raiders, and they (Raiders) hate us

Here is his response.

“We hate the Raiders, and the Raiders hate us. Like coach says it’s a professional hatred. We’re really excited for our first divisional game. It’s our first chance to be on top of the division. Our plan every year is to win our division first.”

I don’t care what the losers’ (Raiders) record is. I am still not over the loss last year because a team of this caliber should never lose to the losers.

Here are a few more questions and answers that I found amusing.

Comment From Andrew

How did it feel getting the first sack of the year last week? Do you have a favorite sack?

It always feels great to get to the QB, especially against Mike Vick. I don’t think I have a favorite sack but my first one was against Tom Brady, and Danny Woodhead tried to block me.

Comment From Lance wolmer

What’s your favorite part about living in San Diego and more importantly being a charger for the next 4 years?