Rant on Oakland Raiders fans

By Ernie Padaon
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They just fired their head coach and the new head coach feels that burying a football is going to help them get that first win. Amazing. They should bury some of the players in that hole as well, since they are all old and barely hanging onto careers. I am surprised they didn’t pick up Ronnie Brown before we did.

The Oakland Raiders have been bad for so long, they all are getting delusional. When was their last winning season? When was that Super Bowl again? How many of the fans that actually saw that Super Bowl even know how to write in the comments section of a blog? The last championship was in 1983 and that put me at a solid 2 years old. What Super Bowl?! Were they still wearing leather helmets back then? Eric Weddle wasn’t even born the last time they won a Super Bowl!

I am sick of the Raiders fans. The team is perfectly fine with me sitting in last place without a win. That is the way they look every year, but their fans are delusional. You would think that having a top draft pick for so many years that they would be able to bring in some talent, but they still have nothing.

That team is pathetic! Can’t wait till we wipe the floor with them!