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Rant on Oakland Raiders fans

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Sep 28, 2014; London, UNITED KINGDOM; Oakland Raiders fans wave Raider Nation flags against Miami Dolphins in the NFL International Series game at Wembley Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It finally has happened. I hit the blacklist button on one of our favorite commenters Raider Rando. It had to happen. Everyone was sick of him and it was just bringing crap to the comments section every single day. My apologies for letting you all sit through that. I won’t push that blacklist button often, but his whole purpose was to troll this site.

Of course I blacklisted him during Raider week, because I really just didn’t want to hear his crap all week long until they got beat and he still would have talked crap after the loss. So I just cut it off early. Of course we will get some other clowns in here this week to talk more smack, because that is just what they do.

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This is going to be a rant about these jerks and idiots.

Seriously, how can they even talk smack when their team is still looking for their first win? They want to talk mess and say that we are not going to make it to the Super Bowl and IF YOU DO, YOU STILL WON’T WIN IT. SHUT THE HELL UP!!!! Win a game this season before you start talking stupid things!

Haters are going to hate. We have a top ranked defense and an offense that can march the ball down the field at will and they are still talking smack. They won’t shut up. They talk like Richard Sherman, but their team plays like Derek Cox!