Happy Birthday to the Best Punter in the NFL, Mike Scifres

By Sam Kweon

Happy Birthday Mike Scifres the city of San Diego truly loves you.

Ever since coming to San Diego, Scifres has continuously pinned opposing offenses inside their 20 yard line, and almost never disappoints. He is clutch, awesome, and is accurate as Philip Rivers’ throws to Antonio Gates.

“He’s one of the best punters in the league,” the Mike McCoy said.  “His efficiency of what he’s done over the years his entire career, as a coaching staff, gives us confidence in what he can do.  Whether it’s a plus-50 punt or a backed up punt, we know he’s going to put our defense in a good situation.”

Today is October 8th, 2014, and the only bad thing about today is that he turned another year older!

The thing I love most about number 5 is that he has always been a Charger, and seems like he loves the city of San Diego.

Scifres is the franchise’s all-time leader averaging 45.1 yards per punt, and is the NFL record holder for highest percentage of punts landed inside the opposition’s 20-yard line (40.9-percent).  He had another successful campaign in 2013, landing 30 of 56 punts inside the 20 to lead the league with a 53.6-percent average. 

Again, happy birthday to the best punter in the NFL today! He is truly an unsung hero in the history of Charger football.