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Felipe Rios Sidebar Bet Now Lives With Cardinals vs Redskins


This whole thing started as a Reddit bet between the San Diego Chargers reddit page and the Seattle Seahawks reddit page.  The two sides made a bet in week 2 of the season and if the Chargers won against the Seahawks that weekend, then the Chargers page would be able to select their sidebar picture. We gave them a Felipe Rios picture to rock for the whole week.

The Seattle Seahawks continued the bet and paid it forward. They made a bet with the Denver Broncos in the following week and won against the Broncos, so the Denver Reddit page was rocking the Felipe Rios sidebar selection for the following week.

The Felipe Rios now lives in the Arizona Cardinals reddit page. Go over there and take a look at their sidebar.

Now the bet is with the Washington Redskins page and the Cardinals page. Felipe Rios will be all over the place! The Cards should win this game and the Redskins should have Felipe Rios on their sidebar next weekend. Let’s see how far this Felipe Rios sidebar goes.