Branden Oliver – The Newest Chargers Threat on Offense

By Ernie Padaon
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With Ryan Mathews out for a few more weeks and with Danny Woodhead out for the rest of the year, the team has found a new playmaker in the backfield. Donald Brown was signed this offseason to be that guy, but he has not stepped up to the plate. He had his opportunity, but he couldn’t find the holes and often was brought down for negative yards.

Oliver needs to get the reps that Brown was supposed to take. He needs to be the starter if Mathews is out and he needs to be the change of pace for when Mathews does make his return. Brown can stick to his role as the 3rd back on the roster.

Oliver should get more reps with the first team in practice and will be able to develop his chemistry with Philip Rivers more in the pass game and on his audibles. It will be huge for this team down the road for them to be on the same page. It will give this offense another playmaker to get the football to.

This team already has a number of weapons to throw to. With Ryan Mathews coming back soon and with Branden Oliver stepping up, this offense is full of talent.