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Chargers Defense… Best in the League?


It was an impressive performance by the Chargers on Sunday.  Of course the first number that flies off the press at you is the goose egg, but it does not tell the whole story.  The Chargers defense dominated the Jets.  And I am not just using that word as your typical fanatic that throws it around every week when talking about his team.  No exaggeration… The Chargers Defense dominated the New York Jets.  Lets check the numbers.

The Jets were 1 for 12 on 3rd down conversion.  A conversion rate of 8%.Jets quarterbacks were 12 for 31 for 74 yards.1 Interception1 Caused Fumble, 1 Fumble RecoveryJets quarterbacks were under pressure all day

 Before 7:35 in the 4th quarter the Jets did not pass midfield

Before the 3rd quarter the Jets had not gained more than 100 yards total.  Before 7:35 in the 4th quarter the Jets did not pass midfield and the play that got them there was a pass interference penalty. Of their 9 possessions until that point, 5 were 3 and outs and the longest was 6 plays.

Coming into San Diego the Jets offense ranked 2nd in the NFL in rushing, but failed to gain 100 on the ground.

So after an impressive showing like that and being 5 games into the season, one has to ask, “How good is this defense?”

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According to the numbers the Chargers look pretty good.  Here are the rankings:1st in points allowed (12.6 /game)3rd in total yardage3rd against the pass10th against the run

It may be a little early to crown them as the best defense in the league, but maybe we should come up with a nickname for them.  Perhaps, The Legion of the Beard?