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Chargers vs Jaguars Open Thread


h/t Bobby Rubio for the image. Pretty sure I will use his image every week for the open thread post! They are so dang good!

I forgot to get a post prepped for the open thread last night and have to resort to typing this thing out on the phone. Excuse me for any spellcheck madness on this post. I just can’t go through a Sunday without having a spot for you all to comment with each other. This is out happy spot to talk about all the goodness that the Chargers are going to do.

The Chargers are heavy favorites to win this game. They really should be though. This team is strong and the Jaguars are still trying to find their way.

I expect some big things from the Chargers offense and defense. It should be a great game for the team to establish dominance in this league. These are teams that we should put out quickly and not allow them to have confidence late in the game. Let’s knock them out early and have some of our big players take a break toward the end of the game!