Chargers vs Seahawks: When He Said Personal Foul……..

By Sam Kweon

Oh my god, I am still in my personal high.

The San Diego Chargers pulled it off. I was screaming all game in the Open Thread with my fellow BoltBeaters, and it has paid off.

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I am sure Ernie will write up a recap, but there is just one moment where I have to point out that scared the living daylights out of me.

When the ref said: Personal Foul…

Towards the end of the final whistle when Russel Wilson overthrew Baldwin and seemingly won the game, the Seahawks bench was going insane and the ref threw a yellow laundry flag on the grass.

My heart sank when the announcer said that it looks as if the Chargers committed a penalty. Then the camera showed Melvin Ingram lying on the grass in grief (probably just happiness). I was almost certain that it was a roughing the passer.

Then the ref said: Personal Foul and I literally flipped. I went absolutely crazy throwing a water bottle at my 70 inch TV and yelling out cuss words. Little did I know what he was going to say.

“Personal Foul, number 82……” So there’s my story for the game. S/O to I Bleed Powder Blue for being awesome (I’m just happy).