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Marion Grice vs Branden Oliver For Last Spot


As we all know, the San Diego Chargers released Kerwynn Williams, which leaves us with Branden Oliver and Marion Grice.

There is no way the Chargers keep more than four running backs, there just isn’t enough room.

After Oliver broke out in a huge way in preseason week one, he has regressed these past two games. Why? Because he was going against the DALLAS CCOWBOYS’ backups, they are terrible. But Oliver is still “that unique player” said by Mike McCoy.

Marion Grice started off terribly, but has progressed and showed signs of potential lately. He runs hard, and is starting to prove that he is deserving of a 5th round pick.

Expect Ryan Mathews and Danny Woodhead to not play more than two drives today. Donald Brown will still get his share of carries because he isn’t completely with the new system yet, and Grice and Oliver will get the rest, battling it out until the final whistle.

So please, let’s not label this game against the Arizona Cardinals as a worthless and painful contest, because it is not. Some players were lying on their bed last night and praying on their knees, it may be the game to decide whether they have a job or not.

It is Marion Grice vs Branden Oliver.