The Name Game

By Peter Thompson

With all of the serious topics of the preseason beating down on us (wins & losses, camp battles, injuries, roster moves, etc.), I think it’s time for something a little bit lighter, and more fun. So, this article will focus on something equally as important… nicknames.

It seems that some of the vets on this team have earned themselves the right to be anointed by the fans, by giving them a cool nickname. We have lovingly given players monikers such as M80, El Capitan / Baby Giraffe, Nick the Kick, T-Rex, RM24, V-Brown, Gatesy, Woodshed, Tutu, Gilly, Double J, Keiser Soze, Chu Chu Train, and Fluke. We love to make them likeable! Some may not have a direct title, but come equipped with catch-phrases like “fear the beard”, “the Butler did it”, “2-Liuget-2-Quit” and recently… “he’s IN, MAN”!!!

Giving names to memorialize Charger history has been an age-long tradition, since I was a boy of six, and long before that. It predates the days of Air Coryell, Little Train James, Lights Out, LT, Lightning Bug, V-Jax, Clipboard Jesus, and the Bowling Ball.

However, what makes one worthy of the of a nickname? In some cases, it’s talent. In other instances it’s a physical trait. Sometimes, it’s a dissatisfaction of a particular person… aka Norv the Neck, and Lord of No Rings. It could be an endearment to a player, aside of their performance. A lot of times, you just need a cool name,, regardless of talent.

There are actually a lot of players on this team who are deserving of nicknames, but they haven’t been given one yet. Players like Keenan Allen, Eddie Royal, Jahleel Addae, most of our o-line and D-Line… I can’t think of any CB’s with one… Mike friggin’ Scifres (I think we should call him “Boom”.. lol)… the list goes on. Even TT, Pags, and M&M get one, for goodness’ sake!

Who are the unsung heroes of this team, and what should their nicknames be? What are some of the really cool nicknames of past Charger teams? Who will be the next Charger to get the name-bomb dropped on them, and will it stick? Post your ideas below… I’ll start… I think we should call Ladarius “The Green Machine”.

Keep Bolting Toward Excellence!

Peter Thompson