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BoltDebate: Bandwagons Coming to the Bolts


For me, I guess I was born to be a San Diego Chargers fan. I grew up in Atlanta and Tenneessee, but I have always been with the Bolts.

A lot of “bandwagons” came in the Ladanian Tomlinson days and I guarantee a lot of them consider themselves to be in the BoltFam. Most of them probably live in San Diego, but like me there are fans all around the nation.

Being a fan of the Chargers, pride is what I carry around. I would rather have Philip Rivers than Eli Manning. I would rather be a fan of the greatest city in the U.S. then switch over to a Super Bowl winning team.

How would you feel if we win the Super Bowl, then literally THOUSANDS of people consider themselves die-hard Chargers Nation? Leave your answer in the poll below.

How Would You Feel About Bandwagons Coming To the BoltFam If We Win the Super Bowl?

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