Melvin Ingram playing with a chip on his shoulder

By Ernie Padaon

Check out the image that Bolt Beat follower Davacho put together above! The dude is such a talent.

Melvin Ingram has a big chip on his shoulder and the text behind him is some of the bad chatter on him before he joined the roster.

There are a number of players on the Chargers roster that the media have questioned in the past for their abilities or their size or whatever. Question marks arose on Eric Weddle when he first came into the league. People wondered if he was worth the trade up in the draft.

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The fans didn’t jump out of their seat for the selection of D.J. Fluker last offseason. We were in desperate need of a left tackle and we selected a right tackle.

Keenan Allen slipped to the 3rd round because of his speed at the combine and there were question marks about his injury in college.

Jason Verrett is another player that has people questioning his size. Danny Woodhead didn’t even get drafted because of his size.

Manti Te’o slipped to the second round because of his speed and because of the attention that he was getting for the catfish incident.

The team is full of players that had their abilities questioned. Then comes Melvin Ingram. His arms were too short and people wondered if he was able to get to the quarterback with the little t-rex arms.

There is no question that he makes an impact on the defense. The intensity of the defense rose when he returned to the field last season. He still hasn’t had the sack numbers to hang on his refrigerator, but he is making the strides and putting in the work to get to that place. He is listed as the starting outside backer over Dwight Freeney this season and he will get a chance to show off his talent. He is fully healthy and is ready to make his mark. Even when Melvin Ingram proves to the world that he can get to the quarterback and puts up double-digit sack numbers, I still think he will be playing with that chip on his shoulder.