Manti Te’o Drops Five Pounds Coming Into Camp

By Sam Kweon

Manti Te’o looks lighter, looks better, and seems like he will be faster.

Alex Flanagan from NFL Network interviewed Manti and she reported that he is “leaner and lighter.”

Good call by the coaches to ask Te’o to lose a little weight. It will help his speed on the field which will make him a better player. He himself actually stressed on how the team is conditioned well and is running faster.

Interviewing a leaner, lighter Manti Te’o at chargers camp today.

— Alex Flanagan (@Alex_Flanagan) July 27, 2014

Chargers Manti Te’o comes into camp 5 pounds lighter and a lot leaner. Coach wanted him to slim down.He tells me the team is faster overall

— Alex Flanagan (@Alex_Flanagan) July 26, 2014

“If you look at our team as a whole, our team’s just faster. We look faster, we’re moving, we’re more explosive,” says Te’o. “Everyone out there’s feeling good and flying around.”