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The Rant: Michael Floyd is now a Charger?


While my other articles often feature statistics and analysis for readers to indulge in, I’ve decided to do a segment called “The Rant,” a self-explanatory article in which I will rant about a relevant, timely topic that relates to the Chargers.

This morning I opened up my laptop and went to to read their latest articles. Whenever I go on, or put on NFL Network or ESPN for that matter, there is a one-in-a-million chance they are speaking about the Chargers. Even with one of the best quarterbacks in the league, the Chargers rarely get any recognition. You know what? I’m absolutely fine with that. It is more or less comic relief to me.

As I look to right, I actually see the word “Chargers” in the column and click on the link.

For anybody who does not know, Michael Floyd is a wide receiver who plays for the Arizona Cardinals. I don’t normally care for this stuff, but when a professional writer puts out an article on one of our players–a well-known player for his sake–and misspells his name, that draws the line. ‘Michael’ and ‘Malcom’ do look similar, but come on now it’s a little embarrassing. You’re better than that Mark Sessler (now how does it feel when someone misspells your name). I know the Chargers aren’t the most popular team in the NFL, as the Colts-Chargers Monday night game last season proved that statement to be right.

“I wasn’t sure who the Colts were playing this week with all the ads I saw,” – Philip Rivers

Rivers called them out once before, and now I’m doing the same. It’s Malcom Floyd..get it right.