BoltDebate-Brandon Flowers: I’m the Best Corner in Football

By Sam Kweon

Hey guys, here on BoltBeat I decided to start a once in a while thing called BoltDebate. The name pretty much speaks for itself. Today fans will be debating on Brandon Flowers’ statement.

About a week ago, the newly  acquired Chargers pro-bowler was asked who is the best cornerback in football is. He replied with, “first off, let me just say I’m the best corner in football. Let’s get that clear. Don’t let my injuries last year fool you, or take my name from the top list.”

Flowers was also asked a few other questions, but does this statement bother you Charger fans?

Also, note that he also has said previously, “You will not only be getting a great player but a great person.”

Some fans on Twitter has told me that Brandon Flowers is way too cocky and that he won’t fit in the locker room with veterans like Eric Weddle. Some has told me that it is confidence and that confidence is a good thing.

The debate is on.

Do You Mind What Brandon Flowers Said About the Best Corner In Football?

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