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What the Fans Think: Most Underrated Player On the Chargers

By Sam Kweon

Recently on my twitter account, I asked the Chargers fans: Who is the most underrated player on the San Diego Chargers?

Here are the answers that the fans gave me:


Darrell Stuckey. [He is] a special teams ace and also made some nice plays in the secondary last season.


Nick Hardwick. He’s become a starter two coaching regimes ago and only had 4 failed blocks last year. [He is] one of the best centers.


Melvin Ingram. Coming off of a knee injury, [he] killed it the times [that] he was used, especially against the Bengals in the playoffs.


Going to have to say [it’s] Ryan Mathews, based on his previous seasons.The guy is a workhorse and improves every year.


It has to be Ladarius Green because he has so much potential in the pass game. He has to play behind a legend.


 [Jeromey] Clary. Although he has a bigger contract than most on the team, he has veteran experience and can play multiple positions.


Reggie Walker. [I love] the way he flies around blockers and creates a lot of pressure when he is on. He also has the ability to play inside and outside. 


[Jahleel] Addae. He has gotten some credit [for his play] but he has come from the hardest spot as a UDFA to become a player who can make an impact and start on the team and play some ball.


Not just for the Chargers but try the most underrated player in the whole entire league: DANNY WOODHEAD! Boy can he do it all..Run between the tackles, Run to the outside, catch out of the backfield, catch out of the slot, block, pick up blitzers. He simply goes in and does what he is told every time and to the best of his ability.

Darrell Stuckey: 1

Nick Hardwick: 1

Melvin Ingram: 1

Ryan Mathews: 1

Ladarius Green: 1

Jeromey Clary: 1

Reggie Walker: 1

Jahleel Addae: 1

Danny Woodhead: 1

Of the nine fans that wrote their opinion on the most underrated San Diego Charger, none of them agreed. From a special teams player, Stuckey, to our feature running back, Mathews, the answers widely varied. What do you think? Who do you agree/disagree with?

Note: I will say that I believe Philip Rivers is the most underrated player on this team.