Frank Reich Is Ready To Let Philip Rivers Fly

By Sam Kweon

When news was released that Frank Reich will give Rivers more “leeway than he has ever had,” I couldn’t have been more excited.

Ken Whisenhunt was good. Although there were times where I was screaming at Whisenhunt to not run a draw on 3rd and 14, he still came up with strategies to beat teams like the Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos.

But Frank Reich excites me. If you read his interviews, you probably know that the offense will be different in 2014-2015. How exactly so?

First of all, let’s go back to Reich’s old playing days.

“When we ran the no-huddle, I called a lot of plays. I’ve called plenty of plays on the field,” Frank Reich

Reich was a quarterback of the Buffalo Bills back in the 1980’s. It seems that he had his own experience with a no-huddle offense with not much coaching control. “I’ve called plenty of plays on the field. When I played in Buffalo, when we ran the no-huddle, I called a lot of plays. Play-calling is important, but you’ve got to have the players.”

The no-huddle offense is effective. If you want the perfect example of the fast paced offense you should look at Peyton Manning. He gets to throw the ball 50 times a game but also has the chance to mix up some runs, which is devastating to defenses. It also means that the quarterback will call a lot of the plays as well. The Bolts did some of this last year and it worked out well.

It looks like Philip Rivers will be running more of the no huddle this upcoming season.

“On an edition of the “Around The League Podcast,” NFL Media analyst Bucky Brooks revealed that [Philip] Rivers is running the same heavy no-huddle scheme that the Colts used when new Chargers offensive coordinator Frank Reich was Manning’s position coach in Indianapolis.”

“Faster Pace should lead to more plays and scoring opportunities while limiting defensive substitutions” Chris Wesseling,

This could be the year where Rivers shuts up the debate of if he is an elite quarterback or not. If Reich actually does run this offense, it will give Rivers freedom from the unnecessary runs that Whisenhunt always ran.

Frank Reich is ready to let Philip Rivers fly.

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