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Chargers CB Brandon Ghee, ready to show he’s for real: Exclusive Interview

By Jake Hefner
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Potential – A word synonymous with the phrase “capable of becoming real.”

That is the goal of Chargers cornerback Brandon Ghee, to prove that he is Real.

I bring speed and I’m not one of those corners that are afraid to come up and hit you.

There’s not much game tape that can be found on Ghee’s early tenure in the NFL. But of course, little can be known about a player’s true ability to contribute on a team, if he doesn’t see the field very often.   However when free agency began in March and opportunity knocked, Ghee made sure he would answer.

“I had about four or five other offers, Ghee said. “The thing that I liked about San Diego is that I knew I’d have the opportunity to compete.”  

A 2010 third-round pick from Wake Forest, Ghee spent his first 4 seasons in the NFL as a member of The Cincinnati Bengals.

New Chargers cornerback Brandon Ghee appeared in 23 games over four seasons with the Bengals. His best could be yet to come. — AP

Unfortunately, he has battled injuries over the past few years. After a dislocated wrist put an end to his 2012 season, Ghee was turning heads in OTA’s and making a push in the 2013 preseason to solidify his value in the secondary. But a concussion and a thigh injury cost him 6 games, while he played the remaining 10 contributing primarily on special teams.

Like any player in transition with a new team, Ghee understands the challenges that he will encounter in training camp as well as how to face them.

“The biggest challenge is adapting to the new system. I think I’m doing pretty well, you got to get better everyday and hopefully have everything down by camp time.”  

Ghee has a great blend of size and speed for the position. At 6’0, 200 pounds, the former Demon Deacon’s versatility doesn’t go unnoticed. Capable of playing every corner position and not hesitant to lower his pads in run support, Ghee is as tough as he is competitive.

“I’m versatile. The more positions you play, the better opportunity you’ll have to play. I bring speed and I’m not one of those corners that are afraid to come up and hit you.”