San Diego Chargers: Best and Worst Case Scenario for 2014 Rookies

By Ryan Posner
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Rookie Running back from ASU, drafted to San Diego Charger 2014 in the 6th round

Marion Grice (RB, 6-0, 207)

Best Case Scenario: Rice’s selection in the 6th round out of Arizona State was a surprising one considering the depth the Chargers have at RB going into 2014. But Grice may be the answer to a big hole for the Chargers, kick returner.

Last year they used a platoon of mostly Danny Woodhead, who rarely actually returned a kick. Grice has the potential to break a few big ones this year, and if nothing else, give the Bolts an edge in field position.

As a RB Grice is very similar to Woodhead, being that he is extremely versatile. If Grice is able to find the field enough he could be very similar to former Kansas City Chiefs RB, Dexter McCluster, where you even see him line up in the slot from time to time.

Worst Case Scenario:  Plain and simple, it’s going to be tough for Grice to find the field this year. With 3 RB’s in front of him, he seems to be the easiest person to cut snaps from.

The one thing that would be really upsetting for Grice though is if he is not able to win a return position going into the season.

The Chargers were clearly looking to address their lack of return-men on their roster when they took Grice and Tevin Reese. Grice did a lot of kick returning while at Arizona St., and you have to imagine it’s the Chargers hope he becomes their returner at some point.

Anything short of that will be a disappointment.