Making A Case For Vincent Brown… Again

By Peter Thompson
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7. Frank Reich, And A Fortified Interior Line:

Coach Joe D is the best offensive line coordinator in the game! He turned a bunch of nobodies into a bunch of somebodies. The line suffered some tough injuries last season, but everyone played with a “next man up” approach. Fluker switched to LT, Clary bounced out to RT, Troutman & Ohrnberger filled in the gaps when Rinehart & Hardwick went down.. then Dunlap came back to hold it down again. It was a crazy carousel of line-switches, on a weekly basis.

Well, coach Joe D’s training paid off. The run game excelled. Ryan Mathews controlled games, and Woodhead made some tough yards. Pass protection excelled. Philip saw the turf MUCH less than he did in past season. Even if we were using a “a quick-pass” scheme, it improved greatly. We signed Rinehart & Ohrnberger back, and added Chris Watt in the 3rd round, to fortify the interior. They have actually added a couple of other guys to compete on the inside. What does this mean? We could have a line that can hold the pass rush much better.

If they can do that, expect Reich to throw more of those deep passing routes in there. Tevin Reese will be a burner, and try to get behind defensive backs. Philip will need some time for that to develop, no matter how fast Reese is. The same type of pass protection could help get Vincent Brown his deep “jump ball” opportunities, like he had back in the Norv days. I’m not saying everything should be a seven step drop, but Phil loves to throw it up. If he has the right protection, I see good things for Brown, and every other pass-catcher on this roster! Frank Reich said he is going to go for the throat…. I hope this is what he means. We missed the deep ball last season, no matter how well the short passing game worked.