Making A Case For Vincent Brown… Again

By Peter Thompson
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(Courtesy of USA Today)

5. Malcom Floyd’s Seal Of Approval:

A question that one of our readers submitted, when I interviewed Malcom Floyd back in April, was what he thought about Vincent Brown’s struggles. Here is what he said:

I still have a lot of faith in him. I have seen him make plays. I have seen him play as big as… me. He’ll go up and get that ball. I still think he has it. I never doubted him not one time this year. I always kept my faith in him. I’m really excited for VB coming back, and being better than he was last year.

There has been some recent chatter about how Malcom, and the Chargers staff, knew that he was coming back all along. That they weren’t trying to give away their draft choices ahead of time. I completely agree with this, and never had a doubt that Floyd wasn’t returning this year, despite the injury. I get the same feeling about Brown.

The way Malcom talks about Brown here, makes me think that Telesco is giving Brown another shot. I don’t think the Chargers have any intention of cutting Brown, unless he has a horrible camp. He is respected by his peers (as Malcom clearly has faith in him). He is also inexpensive, and in the last year of his contract. If  “being liked by your peers in the locker room” is enough to keep Clary on the roster, in the shadow of poor play… then why would it be any different for Vincent Brown, who is far less inexpensive?