Making A Case For Vincent Brown… Again

By Peter Thompson
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4. The Camp Competition:

OK, this is the one that might hit a nerve with some of you. One of the biggest complaints about Norv’s camps was that the veterans were already a lock to start, from the beginning. I have even caught myself buying into the “open competition” hype. The new regime may have given all of the players somewhat equal snaps… but, was there really a competition? Was Gilchrist THAT much better than Addae, not having played one single NFL snap as a safety? Was Phillips THAT much better than Green? Was Clary THAT much better than Troutman, or Ohrnberger? Was Cox THAT much better than Wright, or Marshall? The answer? Probably not.

I am not buying the fact that there is an honest competition in camp for starting positions. They may bring in players to push each other to compete, but the staff have made a conscious decision of who will start, just like Norv did. The fact that they give possible depth players more snaps, doesn’t change the fact that they are depth players.

So, I expect the roster to be fairly predictable this season, just like last season. Injuries may change the picture, but the UDFA’s are probably playing for a depth spot, at best, like Addae was. In fact, Addae & Geathers were the only UDFA’s to make the 53 man roster last season, and were depth players. There were some guys that were stashed on the practice squad, or sent to IR, and I expect the same this season.

Here is the official Chargers WR depth chart:

WR1: Keenan Allen / Seyi Ajirotutu
WR2. Vincent Brown / Eddie Royal
* Malcom Floyd is not listed, and neither is Tevin Reese

Here is my prediction starting week one, and reasons (If they decide to carry six receivers):

1. Malcom Floyd – He was playing like a #1 before he got hurt. Keenan will have to take it away.
2. Keenan Allen – He played like a #1 last year, but Floyd was hurt. He must take it from M80 first.
3. Vincent Brown – Brown owns the #3 spot, and will be given another chance.
4. Eddie Royal – He’ll be used like last season, but they’ll try to keep him healthy, to return kicks.
5. Tevin Reese – They will use him as a deep threat, in the slot, and maybe for punt returns.
6. Seyi Ajirotutu – Will be used as a special teams ace, can be used in a pinch, and McCoy made TT sign him back.