Making A Case For Vincent Brown… Again

By Peter Thompson
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(Courtesy of  The Union Tribune San Diego)

3. Vincent Brown Played In Every Game Last Season:

As Charger fans, we have to count our blessings when players can stay healthy for 16 games, and then some. Philip Rivers is a freak of nature, and going into his eighth injury free season (knock on wood). But, just about every other player on this roster spent time on the bench last season, due to injury. You can count them off… Butler, Royal, Dunlap, Harris, Te’O, Freeney, Ingram, Johnson, Mathews.. even Hardwick & Clary!!!

Vincent Brown, who was coming off of a broken ankle, played every single game last season. He struggled mightily, but he was on the field so much that Philip stopped looking at him. He didn’t even get dinged. Unlike Meachem, I don’t think that Brown has a confidence issue. I honestly think it was just too much, too soon, and right after the injury. A lot of players have a sophomore slump, or a down year.. Philip had two.. but, casting them aside over one turbulent season might be rash. If he looks solid during camp, we can use healthy players with a chip on their shoulder.