Making A Case For Vincent Brown… Again

By Peter Thompson
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2. Vincent Brown Is In A Contract Year:

Vincent Brown is set to make $1,577,517.00 in 2014. If he is cut, he will cost the team $146,517.00 in dead money. He could be replaced by one of the newly acquired receivers, but not for much of a savings. For example, fans are excited to see what Dontrelle Inman can do in camp. If he were to make the roster over Brown, he would probably be offered the minimum contract for a receiver with one year of experience, which is $495,000 dollars. When you add the dead money hit of $146,517.00, we would basically be paying him $641,517.00 for a player who has never played an NFL snap.

The savings between signing Dontrelle Inman, and Vincent Brown is $936,00.00. That would seem to be a somewhat significant savings. But, Brown has been a part of the locker room longer, knows the playbook, knows the coaches, and knows the players. He is also a San Diego State standout, and was drafted in the third round, as opposed to being an undrafted rookie, or a CFL player. There are less unknowns about him, compared to the new additions. To put it in perspective, they gave Lavelle Hawkins $715.00 for doing absolutely nothing in 2013, and he has done more in the NFL than Inman. They are also paying Tutu the NFL minimum for a five year player, which is $730,000.00. He had 38 less receptions, and 408 less yards than Brown. Not to sell Tutu’s special teams contributions short, but Brown is producing exponentially more, with a reasonable contract.

They could sign one of the UDFA wide receiver pick-ups (Allen Torrence, Brelan Chancellor, Micah Hatfield, Javontee Herndon) for a smaller contract of $420,000.00 dollars, which would basically be a $566,517.00 with V-Brown’s dead money hit. But, as of now, these guys know two routes on the tree, per Mike McCoy’s presser today. The Chargers also have the ability to put them on the practice squad, in hopes they can be retrieved for the future.