Making A Case For Vincent Brown… Again

By Peter Thompson
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(Courtesy of  The Union Tribune San Diego)

1. Tom Telesco Is Loyal To His Veteran Players:

Gone are the A.J. Smith days. Tom Telesco is extremely loyal to his players, and has shown it repeatedly. Unless you are a top starter, and a huge sucking wound of “money vs. production” (Gaither / Meachem / Cox), he is probably going to give you more slack than them. The only player that is an exception to this rule might be Jeromey Clary, who they have decided is worth more than the sum of his parts. Furthermore, Telesco is well aware that Brown was rusty, and coming off of a serious injury. When you break your ankle, there are few people that can immediately bounce back to their usual form. I am saying that about everyday people. Imagine being out of the NFL for a year.

A year with no contact, limited practice, and a complete scheme change is a difficult thing to absorb. Especially, when you are suddenly asked to do something completely different, that you were never asked to do in Norv Turner’s system. Clearly, Vincent Brown struggled with the new “quick-pass” attack. But, a lot of players struggled in the new system last season… Liuget struggled, Reyes struggled, Clary struggled.. even Gates struggled. Brown hasn’t really had an entire season to prove himself, except for this last one.

Even if they don’t sign him back in 2015, the kid deserves a shot to prove himself, and at least be productive. After being one year removed from a big injury, he might still have something to contribute. It’s no secret that his position isn’t guaranteed, but it is his job to lose. Unless one of the new additions completely out-performs V-Brown, his knowledge of the playbook, his familiarity with his teammates, and his NFL experience should secure his spot on the roster.