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Making A Case For Vincent Brown… Again

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Sep 9, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers wide receiver Vincent Brown (86) heads to the end zone to score a touchdown in the closing minute of the first half action the Texans at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY


Last year, I posted an article saying that Vincent Brown was primed for a breakout season. I posted another one saying that I still had faith in him after Alexander & Floyd went down, and Royal was missing snaps to a toe injury. The new coaching staff is building a foundation off of players seizing their opportunities, when they are given them. Vincent Brown was given a shining opportunity, but was unable to take advantage of it. Plain, and simple.

As fans, we all love to play “armchair GM”. We think that we know better, and curse the team as they make (or don’t make) certain changes to the roster that we might disagree with. From the moment the ball is kicked off, we are busy evaluating players, watching coaches, and taking notes. This is usually followed by an intellectual statement, based upon what we have seen, read, and heard. We stand by our opinions, and often pound the table..  pretty hard, actually.

And, why shouldn’t we? Part of the fun of following our beloved team is to express our feelings about what “we would do”, or what “Telesco should do”, or what “McCoy should do”, or what some other person… who is getting paid WAY more money than us to be a professional sports figure… should do. These amateur opinions usually fall on deaf ears, unless you somehow have your finger on the pulse at Chargers Park. Aside from a few peeks into training camp, 99.9% of us are just guessing.

At the end of the day, we throw out the “told you so’s” when we hit, and eat crow when we miss the broadside of the barn. We curse Telesco when he misses, and we praise him when he hits. Fortunately, he has more bulls eyes, than busts.

This brings me to the curious case of Vincent Brown.

After showing signs of being a promising receiver, Brown went down with a busted ankle. He was out for the year, despite fans hoping he could return by year’s end. When 2013 came around, fans were foaming at the mouth to get him back, after a disappointing 2012 campaign. Robert Meachem was total garbage. Royal was almost as disappointing, and battled hamstring issues all year. Had A.J. Smith not picked up Danario Alexander off of the scrap heap, the receiving corps would have been absolutely dismal. Having Brown back was something we were all looking forward to.

Well, we all know that didn’t end up being the case. Brown had the worst season of any Charger receiver, except for ex-Charger Lavelle Hawkins, who barely saw the field. You could make the argument that Seyi Ajirotutu had a far worse season, statistically. But, Brown never had a walk off catch like the one Tutu caught in the Kansas City upset. Tutu is remembered as “the hero that saved the day”. Brown is remembered as the most disappointing receiver of 2013.

The high hopes for Brown’s return, have quickly turned into rumblings of him being cut. Why would Telesco keep him around, after he was so ineffective last season? The team has brought in some young talent to compete at the wide receiver position, and there are only so many roster spots. Brown hasn’t earned the privilege to be the 4th guy on the depth chart, right?

Let’s look at some reasons why Telesco might not be ready to replace Vincent Brown so easily.