Morning Dump: San Diego Chargers News Around the Web

By Ernie Padaon

Last day in San Francisco today and driving back home on this Memorial Day. Happy Memorial Day to everyone. Enjoy your holiday and stay safe. I got to to the Golden Gate Bridge again, but this time for a night shot of the beauty.

To the dump.

Nick Novak wants to let everyone know that “We Remember”:

We Remember. We Thank You. #memorialday @chargers #sandiego #chargers

— Nick Novak (@9nicknovak) May 26, 2014

Thomas Keiser thinks that recording moments is stopping people from making moments. Ironic at all?

Why I don't have Instagram… Researchers say recording moments is stopping people experiencing them via @MailOnline

— Thomas Keiser (@ThomasKeiser) May 26, 2014

Here are the San Diego Chargers in contract years from Bolts from the Blue:

San Diego Chargers in Contract Years

— Bolts From The Blue (@BFTB_Chargers) May 25, 2014

Chargers rookie loves when people tell him he can’t do something. It gives the kid some motivation. I am sure he has had a lot of people telling him that he can’t do something with his size.

I love when people tell me I can't do something…idc it's just makes me work harder than I'm already working #underdawg #motivation

— Tevin Reese (@TevinReese) May 25, 2014

There is a new pricing model for tickets and NBC San Diego shared about that.

Again, Happy Memorial Day to everyone and stay safe out there. I will be back in beautiful San Diego in the morning!