San Diego Chargers Defensive Positional Match-Ups to Watch

By Nick Mansoor
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Thomas Keisar vs. Larry English vs. Cardarrow Law vs. Tourek Williams

The Chargers currently have 4 Outside Linebackers that are locked in to start 2014. These players include Melvin Ingram, Dwight Freeney, Jarrett Johnson and Jeremiah Attouchu. That leaves 1 or 2 spots left over for depth, and I have these four players fighting for the scraps. Thomas Keisar was our offseason pickup last season that we acquired from the Panthers. Every time he is on the field, he is always making big plays happen. He has a nose for the football and seems to be everywhere on the field. He is also our little bad boy, he got into some trouble with the law during the offseason. He will be looking to make our 53 man roster in 2014, he is one of the top candidates out of this bunch.

Larry, Larry, Larry. Why are you still here bro? Larry English was our 1 st round selection in the 2009 draft. He was a college standout and was deemed to be a future pro bowler. Ever since then, Larry has failed to stay healthy and just didn’t live up to expectations. It has been 6 years and we still haven’t seen that college version of Larry that we were hoping for. He did have one of his best seasons last season, but still wasn’t what we hoped for. English is playing for his last chance, or he might end up without a job.

Cordarro Law, another signing from Telesco. He will be fighting for one of the last spots on the OLB depth chart, he will provide us with much-needed depth. Judging from what coaches have said about him during our camp, they noticed he was “Very explosive and quick to get off the line”. That sounds very promising. He was with the Seahawks during preseason last year but was cut before he could make the 53 man roster. I mean, if the Seahawks found him useless, then he might be good for us. You know what they say, another man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Tourek Williams was our 6th round pickup from last year’s draft. Many projected Williams to be nothing more than just a depth player for us, and they were right. He did get some playing time from the coaches last season and he proved to be a solid option for us in terms of depth. He really shined in our game against the Bronco’s however, he was able to force a fumble and get to Peyton Manning for a strip sack. Now that he has a full season under his belt, he will be looking to continue to make great strides for us during camp and preseason. He looks promising.

Upside: I have the upside in this four-way match-up going to Thomas Keisar, he is just a really solid football player. I mean he was able to rack up 4.5 sacks, 17 tackles and an interception, all of those stats were career highs for him. And he was second on our depth chart, so that shows he makes the most out of his playing time on the field. The runner up in this match-up in my opinion is the second year man Tourek Williams. he just showed so much potential in that Denver game, and he should have developed quite well since then. I have him taking the second spot on this chart over Cordarro Law and Larry English.  The positive note in this is that Larry English will finally get handed his pink slip. I could be wrong about Williams, but this will definitely be something to watch for in camp and preseason.