San Diego Chargers Defensive Positional Match-Ups to Watch

By Nick Mansoor
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Jeremiah Attouchu vs. Dwight Freeney

This will be the surprise match-up in the linebacker corps. Will the rookie Jeremiah Attouchu give the long time veteran and future Hall of Famer Dwight Freeney a run for his job? Attouchu was our second round pickup in this year’s draft. He is a very explosive outside linebacker that has a nose for the football. He is very tough, very smart and just knows how to get to the quarterback. His 12.5 sack performance last year at Georgia Tech proves him to be nothing short of a blitz threat for opposing offenses.

Dwight Freeney was our free agency pickup last season when we lost Melvin Ingram to that season ending injury during camp last year. Freeney resparked our defensive rush game whenever he stepped on the field and was just a problem for opposing offenses. We lost Freeney for the year to an injury when we played the Cowboys last season. Our defense really missed him, and we could have capitalized in more situations if he was healthy for the season. Dwight will be a mentor for the linebacker corps and will be looking to get back on the field and show us his amazing spin move that he loves to use. Dwight is just a disruptive force, even at the age of 34. He is in a contract year and will probably not return in 2015, but for now, he will be looking to make some big plays while he is still a Charger.

Upside: I have Dwight gaining the upside in this match-up, he is just more experienced and knows how to work opposing lineman. Jeremiah will probably get his shot if Freeney or Jarrett Johnson were to get injured. Consider Attouchu’s rookie season to be a learning year for him, our two veteran linebackers (Freeney and Johnson) won’t be here forever, and they are both on the wrong side of 30 years of age.